On the Second Day of Christmas, my True Love gave to me...

By Jon & Andrea Taylor-Cummings on 27-Dec-2017 15:20:18

As the song goes, on the second day of Christmas my True Love gave to me – two Turtle Doves…

What a great gift to be discussing on Day Two of building great relationships for the New Year!  Okay, we can’t promise that all the gifts for the 12 Days are going to make obvious sense for our relationship advice topic of the day, but this one certainly should!  “Two turtle doves” lends itself very neatly to discussing love, and how we can give and show love to our partner in more meaningful ways in 2018.

For centuries, Turtle Doves have been used as symbols of devoted love, from Biblical references to Shakespeare, from Roman mythology to general folklore – including of course the song itself The 12 days of Christmas!

And no – its not because of the Cockney rhyming slang!  One key reason for the close association between the words “Turtle Dove” and “Love” is the pair-bonding that occurs in the species – the strong affinity between a male and female that becomes a life-long bond.  Plus they make a very distinctive gentle purring sound. 

What if our interactions with our partner would be described as gentle purring sounds with strong affinity for each other and a life long bond?

And, if not already, what can we be doing towards achieving that?

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The 12 Days of Christmas for Great Relationships: On the first day of Christmas, my True Love gave to me...

By Jon & Andrea Taylor-Cummings on 26-Dec-2017 19:52:31

It's here, the first day in a long while that you can actually chill, put your feet up and relax after a mad-busy year and probably an even more manic run up to Christmas day!  Well thank goodness, the Christmas meal is over, gifts are all distributed and hopefully the kids are contentedly playing with them now...  Bliss. 

As the pace slows a bit, this is the best time of the year for reflection and if you're like us, you'll find your thoughts drifting to highlights (and possibly even lowlights) of the year gone by - what went well, what went badly, what you want to do more of, less of, differently.  You'll also naturally start thinking about goals and plans for the new year, things you desire for both yourself and your loved ones.  Somewhere in there you will likely have a desire for the kind of relationship you want to enjoy with your partner.  So we thought, we'd write this blog as our gift to help you clarify your thinking. So, here it is... our gift to you: The 12 Days of Christmas for Great Relationships.  Read on for Day One, and check your inbox daily for the next 11 days to get the rest.  We hope you enjoy and look forward to hearing your stories...

Day One

On the first day of Christmas, my True Love gave to me... a Partridge in a Pear Tree!

Don't worry, if like us, you too were wondering why a Partridge and Why a Pear Tree???, there's a link at the end of this blog that will take you through to a very interesting blog we read recently that explains all the history and significance of the Carol and the tradition.

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