On the Ninth Day of Christmas, my True Love gave to me...

03-Jan-2018 17:23:00

 9-ladies-dancing1.jpgOn the ninth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me... nine Ladies Dancing!

Dancing is such a graceful art.. and full of so many seeming paradoxes!  Strong movements yet light-footed, co-ordination with precision in timing yet free-flowing, natural and intuitive yet taught.   There is such a gentleness, such an ease, you could almost believe you could join the troupe and instantly perform to the same standard.  If only!

This strength through gentleness has to be learned.. just like our need to be strong in character yet gentle in our approach with each other has to be learned, practised and developed.

But how do we do that in relationships, and how especially in our most intimate relationships?
Quite often we react out of where we are in life - the thoughts in our heads, our past pains and our current needs, wants and desires.  Sometimes words come tumbling out unfiltered, which means they could sound harsh and critical to those nearest and dearest to us...especially our partners.

And it's not that we don't have the control, because we know how to hold it together long enough to be considered nice at work - or is it that those outside are not close enough to know which buttons to press?  Either way, the danger (and quite often the reality!) is that we end up being nicer to those outside the home than those inside, who matter much more.

One of our goals at home for 2018 is to be even more conscious of how we come across to each other.  We want to be gentle and kind on purpose, "safe" people to be around whatever the topic of conversation.

And these topics get more and more "interesting" as our sons progress through their teen years!  In a household like ours,lion-roaring-dominant-personality.jpg full of very strong personalities, this can be a challenge from time to time.  We speak very directly, "roar" when we're angry and often depend on our loved ones to filter what we say through the trusting knowledge that our intentions are good and that we love them (still!).

So this year, we are raising the bar on that and invite you to join our commitment to building even stronger bonds and healthier relationships by making GENTLENESS the "felt" experience more often than not.  Let the rest of the world wait their turn.  Charity and gentleness begin at home.  

The song is almost finished!  Let's go... (Remember, we've underlined the syllables to help with timing!)

On the Ninth Day of Christmas my True Love gave to me:

Gen-tle words in spea-king

Their full co-mmit-ment

Help when I'm stressed out


A ta-ank full of love

Joy a-and Laughter,

Lang-uage of Love,

and a goal fo-or our rel-ation-ship!

Can't believe it's day 10 next!

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Jon & Andrea Taylor-Cummings

Written by Jon & Andrea Taylor-Cummings

Jon & Andrea Taylor-Cummings are Co-Founders of Soulmates Academy, an online relationship education platform dedicated to building better relationships and stronger marriages.