On the Seventh Day of Christmas, my True Love gave to me...

01-Jan-2018 12:17:00

They weren’t kidding when they said the gifts get more extravagant as the song progresses!  I love Swans.  I can just imagine 7 of them swimming up our local stream now. What a picture of sheer grace and elegance.  Never mind what you and I both know has got to be going on below the surface to keep them moving forward.  On the face of it, the picture is truly lovely.


And that brings us neatly to our top tip #7 for a great relationship in 2018.  A great way to exhibit grace towards your partner and keep your relationship moving forward is to start by thinking the best about them. Now, I didn’t necessarily say it would be easy and of course, I am assuming your partner is not an axe murder, abuser or similar.

But, assuming they are halfway decent and you want your relationship to work, then it might just be worth you not making a meal out of every little mess up they do.

To do that requires you to adopt a “good” mindset towards them.

As I say that, I’m reminded of the three wise monkeys from the Buddhist proverb – you know the ones – See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.


That’s what a “good” approach looks like.  And that's exactly how love is described in that famous passage of Scripture often used in wedding ceremonies - 1 Cor 13.  Love keeps no record of wrong, always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

So, go on, in 2018 make up your mind to think good thoughts towards your partner's words, acts and deeds.  And as you do so, prepare to reap good from the goodness you have sown.

Okay, you're used to this by now so let's go....

On the Seventh Day of Christmas my True Love gave to me:

Wisdom from 3 monkeys

Help when I'm stressed out


A ta-ank full of love

Joy a-and Laughter,

Lang-uage of Love,

and a goal fo-or our rel-ation-ship!

Don't worry won't be long now... we're past the half way mark. :)

Bring on day 8…

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Jon & Andrea Taylor-Cummings

Written by Jon & Andrea Taylor-Cummings

Jon & Andrea Taylor-Cummings are Co-Founders of Soulmates Academy, an online relationship education platform dedicated to building better relationships and stronger marriages.