On the Sixth Day of Christmas, my True Love gave to me...

31-Dec-2017 17:17:00

On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me... six Geese A-laying!

six-geese-a-laying.jpgSeems like, as couples, there's a lot we can learn from geese in terms of working together as a team, being kind and considerate and genuinely caring for each other's well-being!  For example, did you know why geese honk as they fly?  Turns out that as they fly in their famous V-formation, they honk to encourage the leader who takes the brunt of the wind.  They then rotate leadership of the formation flight when the one in front gets tired.  How is that for a model of teamwork?!

Scientists also discovered that when one goose becomes ill, is shot or injured and drops out of formation, two other geese will fall out and stay with the goose, protecting it from predators 'til its ready to fly again ...or dies.  A vivid picture of 'til death us do part, or what!

If geese can do it, so can we... 

But the type of kindness geese show is not easy because it requires a level of selflessness that is counter-culture to us these days.  However, it can make a world of difference to how loved and supported our partner feels.

It's the kind of care and support that steps in to help whegeese formation.jpgn your partner is becoming overwhelmed with their workload or responsibilities - despite your own long list of stuff to get done.  It's being there for each other to keep sense of humour alive and prevent either of you getting to breaking point. It's being kind, thoughtful, having each other's back.

In the frantic pace of modern life, we need to make a decision to be kind and supportive on purpose.

So, our advice for a great relationship is to help, especially when your partner is stressed out.  This pours bucket loads of love and kindness into their love tank, which inevitably overflows to yours too. 😊

So, now we are up to verse 6 of the song... halfway there!

You're used to this by now so let's go....

On the Sixth Day of Christmas my True Love gave to me:

Help when I'm stressed out


A ta-ank full of love

Joy a-and Laughter,

Lang-uage of Love,

and a goal fo-or our rel-ation-ship!

Are you loving this as much as we are?  Haha... Do let us have any comments below.

Roll on day 7…

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Jon & Andrea Taylor-Cummings

Written by Jon & Andrea Taylor-Cummings

Jon & Andrea Taylor-Cummings are Co-Founders of Soulmates Academy, an online relationship education platform dedicated to building better relationships and stronger marriages.