On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, my True Love gave to me...

06-Jan-2018 14:18:00

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my True Love gave to me... twelve Drummers Drumming!

12 drummers drumming.jpgOh yes, drummers, definitely time for a drum roll please!! For those of you who have been with us for all or part of the twelve days of Christmas, you definitely deserve the drum roll.  Especially if you have been implementing the ideas shared already!

Our final tip in this series for building great relationships in 2018 is to celebrate where you are and what you've improved, changed or grown-in as a couple on a regular basis.

"But I thought we'd already covered regular catchups as part of Date Nights in day 11?" I hear you say. There's more...

We strongly enourage you to make a habit of monthly catchups and reviews - separate and apart from date nights but equally positive and upbeat.  If you've never done this before, January is a great time to start because you can create your own "mission statement" for the kind of relationship you want to build together going forwards.  It's a chance to discuss the things you each value, how you will deal with inevitable disagreements, what you would like to achieve together financially, what and when re children, etc - you fill in the detail.  And then each month, carve out time to talk about what's working well, what you would like to do or experience differently, how you can support each other in making changes etc.  The trick is to keep it loving, positive and supportive - don't do it if you are upset with each other about something.
ImprovingCommunication.pngThink of our twelve drummers drumming - the idea is to be celebrating with a drum roll, not a call to war!  It's making a habit of celebrating how far you have come together, the obstacles and challenges you have conquered, what is working really well and what you dream of next.
If you incorporate the things we have discussed on the previous 11 days and make a habit of reviewing your progress monthly, you will have all the tips you need to stay connected throughout 2018.
Wherever you are now, this time next year you will be over the moon about the warmth and connectedness in your relationship.  Join us on our quest to always be getting better.  As our 15 year old says, "nobody knows everything, so we must take time out to find out more.  And if you think you know everything that in itself can be a problem!".  Wise words from a teenager!
Get more understanding so you can respect differences and be more understanding of each other.
Here's to better relationships and stronger marriages in 2018!

And so, the final verse to our song: 

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas my True Love gave to me:

Tips to stay connected

Dates for Love and passion

Skills to manage conflict

Gen-tle words in speaking

Their full commit-ment

Wisdom from 3 mon-keys

Help when I'm stressed out


A ta-ank full of love

Joy a-and Laughter,

Lang-uage of Love,

and a goal fo-or our rel-ation-ship!

Til we sing again :-)

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Jon & Andrea Taylor-Cummings

Written by Jon & Andrea Taylor-Cummings

Jon & Andrea Taylor-Cummings are Co-Founders of Soulmates Academy, an online relationship education platform dedicated to building better relationships and stronger marriages.